5 Ways To Exercise Your Dog

In the care of dogs, an important factor is physical activity, this helps them to stay in shape and prevent them from developing obesity problems, in addition, they will be burning energy and they will not be bored, that is why we propose these ways to Exercise Your Dog at home:

Ball games

We all know that they are the simple act of throwing a ball, your dog will run after it, it is one of the favorite activities of dogs, it is exercise is interactive and it will also help you to strengthen and strengthen the relationship with your pet, in addition to on a physical and mental level, it is a stimulating activity.

Look for food

Another way to promote exercise and well-being to your pet is through something we call environmental enrichment, applying this will combat boredom and encourage you to maintain the natural behaviors of digging, sniffing, etc. How do you do it? Well, try to hide croquettes or food in places accessible to your pet so that it can start looking for it and eating it.

Pull with the rope

Another activity that dogs enjoy are ropes, the more resistance you put in, the more fun it will be for the dog, if you don’t have a rope you can improvise with another object, be it socks that you don’t use, old toys or whatever you think works. for this activity.

To run:

If you have enough time, going for a run with your pets is an ideal activity for your pet to exercise, in addition to that you will also be staying active with healthy activities for health, in this way your pet will spend energy, you can also play hide and seek with your pet from home.


If you have stairs at home or in your building there are stairs, you can make the most of the exercise your dog, have him go up and down the stairs a few times to keep him active, exercise, and burn energy.